"You made yourself this way, brother!" I yell over the chaos of the battle. "You abandoned our family and revolted against Father. You made yourself a monster!"

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I'm so lucky to have my family, others aren't as lucky. I find it awful they abandon them in their time of need. Heartless.

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Neil Gaiman This is beautiful. I really hope I keep this in mind because I know this is exactly what my mom would have wanted

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❤ You can use this writing worksheet to figure out why you abandoned a writing project, and how you can rekindle your love for it.

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This...words for a woman who gets pregnant out of wedlock and a baby out of wedlock...bit not the man who abandoned them.

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For my lovely friends i never wanted you to have to deal with such deep grief, grief so hard to bear, but can u just imagine never having that love xxxx

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