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This week's Girl Friday starred in one of the Classic Science Fiction films of all time, and went on to star as the first female detective t.

Anne Francis in "Girl of the Night" (1960)

Even without the cigarette in her hand, Anne Francis is smoking hot in this sweater & skirt set. For a bit more glamorous holiday look, how about this vintage black rayon sweater with cap sleev…

Anne Francis looks super sleek as Honey West with her pet ocelot!

"Honey West" Anne Francis With Friend "The Ocelot" Bruce. I loved watching Honey West. Anne Francis was great and the "Cat" was cool.

Anne Francis -  When I was a little girl I loved her, used to be such a fan of Honey West!

2011 in film and TV : Anne Francis, American actress, died January of pancreatic cancer, at the age of 80

Anne Francis (born: September 16, 1930, Ossining, NY, USA - January 2, 2011, Santa Barbara, CA, USA) was an American actress. She is known for her role in the science fiction film classic Forbidden Planet (1956) and for having starred in the television series Honey West (1965–1966) which was the first TV series with a female detective character's name in the title. She won a Golden Globe Award and was nominated for an Emmy Award for her role in the series.

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