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Annabel Lee is a love poem by Edgar Allen Poe. I think it's great because it's simple but on the other hand, it contains some great metaphor. This poem is meaningful to me because it makes me feel reassured even if the poem's ending is slightly macabre. I would put this poem on a frame somewhere just to add to Edgar Allen Poe's mystery intrigue. A darker poem of his, surrounded by very bright books generates mystery. I would put it in the low-rise because there's potential out there.

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~~Dahlia 'Lilac Time' | Dinnerplate type, beautiful violet colored flowers and is an excellent choice to grow in your flower border. Simply stunning, growing up to 3 ft tall, with full luscious leaves, Dahlia Dinnerplate Lilac Time will reward you with flowers from June to October (or early frost). | Flower Bulbs Inc~~

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Tracey Emin : She Lay Down Deep Beneath the Sea. #traceyemin

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Hello,welcome to my board, Hogwarts next generation role play. If you want to join, comment on one of my pins. But there are rules. The rules are No stealing characters No copying each other's names Be original If you fail to follow these rules , you will be kicked out.

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Wanna see a magic trick? By Saving Annabel Lee. "Haha oh I swear your fucked now! You better back down! You better shut up! Cause we are taking this place FUCKING DOWN! No I ain't your hero but I no monster I just want to see the ignorant burn and the hurtful fall! I might her hurt but I don't care at all! I'll fight for you! If you'll fight for me! If your against us you better duck! Abra cadabra! I don't give a fuck! UGH!"

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