Anna saccone jewelry. Bar choker

Anna saccone jewelry. Bar choker

Hello December! | Anna Saccone | Bloglovin’

Hello December! (Anna Saccone Joly)


Every time I look at her she gets more & more beautiful - I could not be prouder of my little Em.

Anna Saccone's Zodiac Jewellery Collection | Stilnest - SAGITTARIUS - ZODIAC SIGN High Gloss & Sandblasted 925 Silver Gold Plated Necklace $94

One of Anna Saccone’s signature items is her Scorpio star sign necklace. This piece is not only jewellery to her, but a really personal talisman. Anna explains, “Unfortunately I can’t tell you where it’s from because it belonged to my dad before me and I

Anna Saccone engagement ring

Finally got my nails done! 💅🏼 They were looking pretty bad. 🙈😅 Nice & neat again!