Action Figure Designs by Jason Keyser for Animal Jam.

All the toys in Animal Jam, winnable at the game called Phantom Invasion.

Alphas by on @deviantART

Liza: your mom. Cosmo: a vegan Sir Gilbert: your overprotective daddy. Peck: annoying 4 year old. Greely: edgy guy that everyone likes.

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AJ Otters! by on @DeviantArt

zoo this is my otter on a sight called animal jam where you play as an animal dress up and have all the freedom ing the world to be your favio.

WANT THEM ALL! If u hav rare spike and r wiling to trade it, jam me I'm loki24871 I have SOME cool beats!

If u hav rare long spike and r wiling to trade it, jam me my username is at the description I have a blue short spike!

The non rare headdress which came out during the end of fall till the early winter of 2010 is worth: Rare long black spike collar, and another long spike collar. A good unreleased item (You may want to add to released item) they are also worth beta tiki masks.

The non Rare Headdress! Which apparently came out during the end of Autmn till the early Winter of What it's worth: Rare Claw, or 2 Rare Headdresses, or Rare Arctic Hood and a Beta.