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Anime Like Psycho Pass

Schmidt (+dark red hair). I like to think that he keeps his hair kind of long as…

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Why is everyone all about this now when it's been out for so long? Trends confuse me...

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Psycho Pass Hue Keep Calm// hahahah I usually hate these, but this is perfect!

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Top 30 Greatest Anime Series Ever Made

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How can you NOT be attracted to anime characters?? I am incapable of not find Anime characters hot! ^ Have they ever met Sebastian (Black Butler), Makoto(Free!), Haru(Free!), Haru(My Little Monster), Rin(Blue Exorcist), Kyoya(Ouran High), Lelouch(Code Geass), Levi(Attack On Titan), Kogami(Psycho Pass), Ginoza(Psycho Pass), Makishima(Psycho Pass), Yamaken(My Little Monster), Dr. Ozaki(Shiki), or Kyohei(The Wallflower)???????????

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Where's Shoyo? | Their friendship warms my heart. | Hinata & Kenma | Haikyuu!! | #anime

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