Aunque no sepa quererte de la forma que a ti te gustaría, siempre te querré con toda mi corazón de la mejor forma que sepa.

Hatsukoi ni, Tejou - vol 01 ch 01 Page 44

Ezreal and Lux, the second best pairing in League "you don't need to play the pocky game to get a kiss." <== cute =w=

Anime and Manga

Though the guy kinda reminds me of QuickSilver from X-men Days of Future Past.

Namaikizakari. Loving this manga. Love this couple!

Namaikizakari // Machida Yuki x Naruse Shou :->

how to sketch an anime kiss step 13

This time it's "How to Sketch an Anime Kiss" loaded with tips! In this tutorial you'll get a chance to draw the handsom .

16+-+1 (456×274)

Immagine di anime girl, asuka, and couple

The one - one of the best romance manga i read :)

"We are destined to belong to each other" Anime couple, manga couple, anime…

Omg think I know this anime, kimi no todoke I believe :p love it soo much need to buy more of the manga생방송카지노게임 메가플레이온카지노 마리나베이샌즈카지노 다모아바카라 태양성바카라 썬시티바카라 바카라싸이트 바카라사이트 바카라게임사이트 공항바카라 바카라5678 골프채할인매장

Anime kiss and cuddle.

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Hyouka: Chitanda x Oreki

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So far the best romance manga I've ever read Hori x Miyamura Horimiya

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Be like snow, beautiful but cold. You can be cold and still be beautiful. I try my hardest to be nice but I do have a rude/cold side when I'm pushed.

Imagem de L I N

Fang and Max

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, Orihara Izaya, Yagiri Namie, Kiss On The Lips…

anime love   diabolik lovers   reiji   yui            Does anyone actually ship this?

Diabolik lovers - Reiji x Yui ( Kiss)

Anyone know what manga this is from? Tumblr | via Tumblr

-Edit: It's from Hatsukoi Wazurai.

Kamisama Hajimemashita

Kiss kiss fall in love

Hikkigaya x yukinon

Anime My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Yukino Yukinoshita Hachiman Hikigaya Long Hair Brown Hair School Uniform Kiss Short Hair Girl Boy Wallpaper