A veces, lo último que queda es un vacío oscuro y voraz que te obliga a saciarlo.

Goth raised as a boy girl character

...don't have anything to say... :P

credit to the artist

tengo miedo de mirarte <3

This picture is so calm, makes things feel peaceful just by looking at it

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Anime picture original miyaza long hair single tall image blush looking at viewer blonde hair fringe purple eyes holding braid (braids) parted lips cherry blossoms single braid blurry sparkle girl dress flower (flowers) 519120 en

Como estando rodeada de gente me siento sola....

Original by Yuno Tsuitta

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Let's start with anime

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My favorite food is himalayan salmon.

«Algunas cosas suceden y no son planificadas. ¿No son esas las mejores?»

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Resultado de imagen para uniform girl anime

Blonde hair blue eyes uniform girl anime with toast

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This is really good anime art, this looks really hard to draw though.

あるごす @Argos7700

곰지 on

あるごす @Argos7700

Imagen de anime, anime girl, and background

Imagen de anime, anime girl, and background

Pasas una tarde sentada, pensando, imagino y soñando... ^-^

Anime girl with green hair

Anime girl ♦ Crystal Spark.

Illustration by 桜木蓮

This is Hope!  from the book black blossom and the healer series!

Anime warrior girl with sword red

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รูปภาพ anime, anime girl, and art