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Memos From Levi. Wow! Who ever came up with these is a genius and I must thank them for all the uncontrollable laughter.

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totally me. someone told me that anime binges are why we have messed up sleep schedules. That should be on a meme.

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WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO WATCH ANIME IN CLASS!!!!! ITS TECHNICALLY STUDYING!!! I mean... I learned a lot from Black Butler and Hetalia....

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Hi everyone!SO I thought this would be a good intro.So basically I like anime,I play guitar,write fanfiction (My quotev is Kaida Ackerman and my Wattpad is animegirl123321)I also like to play piano,draw and sing!

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Sabertooth's New Princess - Chapter 16

Ahhhhh. The difference between cartoon movie, cartoon/anime (in-between) series, and a PURE MADE (BY JAPANESE) ANIME!!!!

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So my mom actually did the whole fandom thing before me... She even wrote stuff. If she knew what I was talking about... Chances are she's read it

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