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Fox can sleep anytime he want to.so does rabbit🐰😄 เป็นจิ้งจอก…

Anime Bento Box

Japanese Charaben or Kyaraben (キャラ弁), the ART of making bento boxes that resemble cartoon characters with rice, nori and other staples -- Anime Naruto Sasuke Bento

Anime Bento Challenge - Kiichigo

Anime Bento Challenge - Kiichigo

And THAT'S why bentos are so awesome ... you can't do that with regular food!

I can't eat it... Really....

Funny pictures about Amazing food creations. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing food creations. Also, Amazing food creations photos.

Beautiful Bento Box

animefoodissugoi: “Children Who Chase Lost Voices CoMix Wave Films, Sentai Filmworks ”

Eren Jaeger bento. Seriously, this is just awesome.

Check out these amazing anime themed bento boxes. They are as cool as they are delicious looking!

Anime Bento

Japanese Manga artist in the Netherlands. Japans Manga tekenaar in Nederland. Japanische Manga-Kunstlerin in den Niederlanden