Gosh this is beautiful

Why do many blonde angels remind me to Wan. But dis one does a lot. Dunno why…

❄ A MidWinter's Night's Dream ❄... By Artist Unknown...

A beautiful elf Angel, a combination of my two favourite fantasy characters

I read the whole book series maximum ride and Angel was definatly one of my favorite characters.

(Open rp I'm the angel) i looked at my friend slowly moving my wings "you have been working all day, relax for once and hand out with me" I pull him up and takes him to my balcony in my room "enjoy the outside world for once"

I'm Madison daughter of Maleficent my sister is Allison, I'm funny, sarcastic, lovable, and I love to fly, I'd love to know more about you!

Can someone edit this with a black streak in her hair and black wings and a red dress?

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Lita Blanchimont by Ryothae - This is interesting for an uncolored picture