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Animals Killing Humans

There is no justification for the killing of over 50 billion land animals and 90 billion sea animals every year. It is not for survival and it is not 'the circle of life'.

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...or even the idiots that buy fur trimmed in dog/cat fur that's cheap and comes over from China usually to many stores in the US

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When they are gone, when every last life has been stolen, how will you remember them? Extinction is forever.

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Only when the last of the animals horns,tusks,skin and bones are sold,will Mankind realize that money can never buy back our wildlife. Wild at Heart.

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Stop animal cruelty NOW!!! Puppy mills, whale killing, slaughter houses, poaching. Please stop and take a moment to realize God didn't just create Earth for us, but for animals also.

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haha! the excuse 'because we used to' we used to use humans as slaves also. Meat eaters have no real reasons, only make excuses as seeing a vegan is a reflection of themselves because they know its horrid to eat animals!

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Australia the most popular country on Instagram

The quokka, otherwise known as the happiest animal in the world, is native to small islands off the coast of Western Australia. The pair of the cuddly critters is captured here by Elisa Detrez

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"Food" for thought ..... go #vegan and start saving animals #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists

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It really is so simple. YOU can make the choice to stop pollution - save the seas - save the animals - save the earth.

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Stop animal cruelty, Animals and Primates on Pinterest

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