ANIMAL RIGHTS We need to Lear how to live around them and RESPECT any specie because they belong to this world too, and WE are part of a chain.

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We take everything from them... Everything! ; ( here to find out more

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#vegan reality check. Also, if we try to maintain this meat eating at this rate, we'll all die anyway. Not as fast maybe, but it's asking too much of the earth. Even if it weren't cruel, it'd still be cruel!

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Pro vegan: Just because you did not kill it yourself doesn't mean you are less guilty.

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Yes indeed. Many more than this. Simply put, some souls evolved and finished elsewhere. You are completely unrelated to one another. This is the epic looser bunch (earth). Some here made it, they chose it, that simple. It was never a test, it was a conscious choice.

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Its insane we celebrate a Holiday of thanks by killing and dinning on the corpses of the innocent, don’t you think?

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This is 110% true and it's incredible how animals can sense the character of a human. Really was interesting watching how Moo's comfort levels would change dramatically depending on who was around him.

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#vegan compassion- "To examine whether something is humane, first determine if YOU would want IT done to YOU." Andrea Kiadar

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