papier-mâché for a mounted animal head, which i think is a little weird, but i like the way it looks when its obviously fake. also... i would like to make a rat like this.

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this photo shares the thought that Humans and Animals share similarities in there day to day lives.
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Annie Montgomerie's Textile Dolls: combines animal heads made from hardened shredded muslin with vintage doll bodies that are dressed with old clothes and accessories added.

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Wild Heart animal busts:

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Only for comission It is a doll with an animal head. The total price listed is for a doll with one head. Each individual head you order will

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How to Create Papier Mâché Animal Heads...Mix your 8 oz glue with 6 oz water in a large glass Bowl. Set down your plastic sheet. Have a wet rag handy to wipe off any unwanted glue glop.

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