Animal cruelty

Vegan. For decency. Life liberty and peace for all emotional beings. Its a beautiful way to live.

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Tech News Today: List of 100% Cruelty-Free Brands (2016)

...or even the idiots that buy fur trimmed in dog/cat fur that's cheap and comes over from China usually to many stores in the US

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adopt. save lives. treat them like your children. they are. respect how blessed you are to be able to save lives, and show so by treating them amazingly well. if you breed, know that most of the dogs you sell will be re homed or put into shelters, most shelter dogs were purchased.

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Fur is only fashionable on animals. Don't murder animals for fashion. There are plenty of faux substitutes!!

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Boycott MAC!!! This cat was tested with MAC mascara!!! Buy only animal cruelty free products. Please sign and share this petition!

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BOYCOTT Circuses that have live animals! The cruelty they endure is beyond imagination. So, so sad.

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