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Art Lessons For Kids — Animal Silhouettes and Patterns

This is an excellent texture project!! Animal report art project, what does the fur/skin of your animal look like?

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African painting Use rhino's and other african animals/trees/grass die cut in black let kids water color on paper then glue black items onto paper. Drip, Drip, Splatter Splash: February 2013

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Paper Heart Penguin Craft For Kids

Paper Heart Penguin Craft For Kids #Valentines craft #DIY heart animal art project #winter craft

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Rousseau Art Projects for Kids: Henri Rousseau was a French artist who brought jungle landscapes to life with his vivid imagination. His tropical plants and jungle animals are explored and created in the children’s artwork. They will create a colorful composition of plant and animal shapes using paint crayons.

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Draw out very large animal (zebra). Cut into pieces. Let 2-3 class collage block COlour backgrounds. Let other kids Colour rest very brightly. Then piece back together.

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start with yellow and add a little red at a time. use black paper cut outline of animal to add.

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Whimsical Giraffes and Zebras Painting Lesson

Whimsical-Giraffes-and-Zebras-Art-Lesson I love how different they are... use for any animal or insect.

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