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10 Amazing Quotes About Animals and Love: Part 2

Love animals, don't eat them. And if you are going to eat them, at least demand that they are treated humanely!

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These 33 Powerful Images Will Stop You In Your Tracks... And Open Your Eyes.

This is why I try to buy cruelty free as often as I can. Heartbreaking what these animals are put through.

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Tangled up in blue: an Antarctic fur seal caught in a fishing net, South Georgia Island.

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How to Scan Beauty Product Labels for Animal-Derived Ingredients

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'Animals are conscious and should be treated as such' - "Let us applaud the Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness and work hard to get animals the protection they deserve. And let us hope that the declaration is not simply a grandstanding gesture but rather something with teeth, something that leads to action. We should all take this opportunity to stop the abuse of millions upon millions of conscious animals "

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"All of us born into a dominant, meat-eating culture have inherited this paradoxical mentality: We know the animals we eat are individuals, yet we’d rather not know it. We’d feel guilty eating certain animals, yet we take pleasure consuming others. We cringe when faced with images of animals suffering, yet we dine on their bodies multiple times a day!We love dogs and eat pigs and yet we don’t know why..." ~Melanie Joy, from "Carnism: Why Eating Animals is a Social Justice Issue"

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Beauty Can Be Cruelty-Free! Here’s How

Beauty can only be truly beautiful when it's cruelty-Free. [ARTICLE + LINK to LIST of cruelty-Free cosmetics, at the bottom of the article]

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Bruised, tied up and caged: The desperate plight of starving orangutans forced into villages to look for food as their rainforest home is destroyed

STOP BUYING PALM OIL. Rain forests cover 60 per cent of Indonesia, but orangutans - which means man of the forest - have seen their habitat cut down at an alarming rate, often to fuel the need for space to grow palm oil crops. Many adult orangutans are killed by farmers in Indonesia and Borneo to prevent them eating crops as their natural food disappears, leaving helpless orphans to die in the wild.

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