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Angular velocity: the velocity with which an object is moving around a fixed axis of rotation (this is different from ordinary velocity!); different points on a rotating rigid body move different distances in a given time interval, depending on how far the point lies from the axis; but, because the body is rigid, all points rotate through the same angle in the same time; at any instant, every part of a rotating body has the same angular velocity (rad/s); linear velocity = r x alpha

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Many people find Physics to be a difficult subject to approach. Well now, you have some tools to help you along the way. This handy list of physics equations organized by topic contains the most common equations you’ll run across.

Forced oscillation (driven oscillation): if apply a periodically varying driving force with angular frequency to a damped harmonic oscillator; the angular frequency with which the mass oscillates is equal to the driving angular frequency; if we force the oscillator to vibrate w/ angular freq nearly equal to angular frequency: it is naturally disposed to oscillate at a certain freq, so we expect the amplitude to be larger than when the 2 are very different; little damp: sharp A peak when…

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