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Bold as brass monkey

An unsteady baby chimp takes steps away from his mother at a zoo. - photo by Konrad Wothe

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Animal pictures of the week: 20 November 2015

African elephants come face to face with one of Africa’s most fearless animals, wild dogs, at the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve near Kruger National Park in South Africa

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Beautiful black with red face of a Bateleur (Terathopius ecaudatus), a species of African eagle endemic south of the Sahara. Photo by Matthias Kretschmar.

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Pictured: Astonishing photos of rare white Bengal tiger in feeding frenzy

Respeite a Natureza MTF! / Astonishing photos of rare white Bengal tiger in feeding frenzy. By Photographer Birte Person at Singapore Zoo.

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Baby orangutan rescued from chicken coop is on road to recovery

Exhausted: Budi sleeping on a makeshift bed alongside his orangutan and Angry Bird soft toys shortly after his rescue

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Cardinal also known as cardinal-grosbeaks and cardinal-buntings.(Cardinalidae). Found in North and South America.

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