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Grumpy Cat Reveals a Bitter-Sweet Reality

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@megannn98 Oh. My. Worrrrrrdddd. DUDE. TOOTHLESS IS STITCH. DO YOU SEE IT.

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Now who will save you money on car insurance? Answer: He will. He'll save you money and get into a crash so you die, then he'll get that money AND your life insurance.

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14 Times Russell Howard Nailed It

When he gave this passionate defence of the NHS.

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- only grunge posts -

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The Time Out London blog

For Stockholm's archipelago is so unpopulated, there's hardly any light & pollution and you can see an amazing number of stars at night. More

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The Forgotten Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland, 1948 photo by Bert Hardy

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I laughed so. friggin. hard!

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GINA SEE THIS! check out Tena Williams on Pinterest she has 30 boards just on kitty cats & one on wild cats!

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