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Angles In A Hexagon

Physical Features of Scotland

Fingal's Cave on Staffa - Its struture is unique. Nowhere else is there a sea-cave formed completely in hexagonally-jointed basalt. To this the size, the sounds, the colours, and the remarkable symmetry of this 227-foot cavern; and by Nature's gift of fractured columns forming a crude walkway just above high-water level, allowing exploring visitors to go far inside.

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Masons of Bendigo / Russell & George

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Alexander tile - a little ceramic tile that can be rotated to show different shades and illustrate imagery and graphics on wall surfaces.

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Three-dimensional HEX Elements can be hung individually from above - in front of a window, over a table, grouped in a corner, or any other place

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Name: Timber Alexander Tiles • Designer: Giles Miller • Description: "A timber version of our ceramic Alexander tile, this small hexagonal tile is laid on a surface pivoted at varied angles to show differing shades and create subtle imagery and graphics." — "Timber Alexander Tiles", Giles Miller (Retrieved: 28 September, 2012)

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heart 59 Makers of custom bee hives, based on the hexagonal Stewarton hive design invented in 1819.

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Gold Honeycomb Skull A challenging exercise in perspective painting. For any of you who have attempted to paint a flat geometric pattern on top of a non flat surface (a face) you will know that the shapes only make sense from the angle in which the picture is taken. In reality- these are not hexagons. Chameleon Face paints with Mehron Metallic Powder in Gold from @tiltmakeup #artoftheday #skullart #skulltress #skullmakeup #amazingmakeupart #gold #goldskull #honeycomb #skull #makeupaddict…

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Geometry Project (Differentiated)

This Geometry project is great for group projects or an at home project. A differentiated rubric is included as well as a glossary of every vocabulary terms used in the project. Some geometric terms used in the project include:-Line-Ray-Line Segment-Perpendicular Lines-Parallel Lines-Intersecting Lines-Circle-Symmetrical Objects-Quadrilaterals-Right Angles-Acute Angles-Obtuse angles-Hexagon-Pentagon-Octagon-Right Triangle-Isosceles Triangle-Equilateral Triangle-Congruent…

Honeycomb with baby bees !!! The importance of bees should never be taken for granted for without them, we would not have the produce we so dearly love

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