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"I want to play real women, I want to play women who are not senile, who are not about to keel over, who are still able to conduct meaningful, useful lives at their age, and be part of society 100 per cent. I don’t want to play stereotypes. I want to play intelligent, smart ladies who happen to be 80 or 90 or whatever…" ~ Angela Lansbury

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Dame Angela Lansbury, at around 60 years old. Such a timeless beauty, and a phenomenal actress. Especially loved her in Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

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Angela Lansbury- she's always looked like herself, not a clone of all the other 'stars' around her, she looks her age great for it!!

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Angela Lansbury: How drugs and divorce have shaped my life

Who doesn't just adore Angela Lansbury, she was such a beautiful bride too. In 1949 she married Peter Shaw in this stunning floral print wedding dress and faux flower crown

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Murder She Wrote...loved this! Angela Lansbury's one of my fave actresses! :)

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