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Brugmansia - also called Angel Trumpet. They can grow from a small cutting to a 6 ft tree in one season and the flowers smell divine - but only after dark!

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Angel's Trumpet. Easy to grow and so pretty...Also known as Brugmansia Trees, the flowers are bigger than your hand!...I love these flowers.

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Datura -Beautiful blue colour shades to inspire art, design or new fused glass goodies at Latch Farm Studio

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Datura seed pod I have grown these in the summer and had very good luck with them. I have collected the seeds and tried several ways to grow more plants. No luck! My friend threw them on the ground and they were beautiful!

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Angels' Trumpet ‘Tricolor’ Mix - Plant Brugmansia Spreads a wonderful fragrance! Magnificent combination of 3 beautiful angels' trumpets! ...

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