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“The angel Moroni stand[s] atop the temple as a shining symbol of [our] faith. In a degenerate society, he remained pure and true. He is my hero. He stood alone. He stands today, beckoning us to have courage, to remember who we are, to ‘arise and shine forth,’ to [live] above the worldly clamor and to, as Isaiah prophesied, ‘Come to the mountain of the Lord’—the holy temple.” –Elaine S. Dalton

Young Women in Excellence Award Show Angel Moroni Clipart!


this site has lots of printable lds activity pages including dot to dot, mazes, fill in the blanks, puzzles, scripture mastery, etc. great for conference! :)


~ Angels Are Still Sent To Help...Elder Jeffrey R. Holland ~


angel snowflake template. Has a great step by step explanation how to fold the paper!!


Angel Moroni - Bern Temple, Switzerland. Holds nothing but a trumpet. Upon the highest spire of the majority of the LDS Temples of the world, an angel stands with a trumpet in hand declaring the everlasting gospel, that it has been restored. It is a message to very nation, kindred, tongue and people. Each Moroni symbolizes the angel of the Restoration as seen in vision by John the Revelator.

Angel Moroni Gold Vinyl Decal 4" | Accessories on (#KCV-ANGELMORONI4)

The statue of the Angel Moroni atop the Mormon Temple in Idaho Falls...CLOUDS By James Neeley