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Mini Angel Delight cheesecakes

Angel Delight is popular with children and adults alike, so these little cakes could become a new family favourite! A layer of Madeira is hidden under a tempting strawberry Angel Delight and cream cheese topping. These no-bake cheesecakes can be made in just a few moments and are a great way of getting young children involved in the kitchen.

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Angel Delight Strawberry

Angel Delight strawberry flavour #RetroFoods #70s. Used to love this, but can't imagine why now.

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Ah...remember this? It's not quite the same now with all the E numbers and artificial things taken out,but I used to love this when I was little!

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Angels Delight from Lush* u furst got this soap a few years ago i remember it was around christmas time..yes it smells like Fruit punch so it made my holidays smell better:). Looove this soap and it's available only at christmas time.

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Angel Delight Butterscotch Fudge

Angel Delight Butterscotch Fudge - tastes as amazing as it sounds! #fudge #angeldelight

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LUSH Angels Delight soap. look how pretty it is... i wouldnt want to cut it up!

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JAN MOIR: Back in flavour! Why ARE we turning to nostalgic nosh to help us cope with the recession

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