Andy Warhol and his muse: The Campbell Soup Can

Andy Warhol Soup Cans - four to a page; prepare template for the kids to follow; or have each child draw own can then make four copies

Andy Warhol Project

Na década de 60 a Arte pop, surge com imagens da vida quotidiana, aos produtos de cultura popular, aos média, banda desenhada, qualidade gráfica, associada ás cores vibrantes e saturadas.

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Pop art often takes as its imagery that which is currently in use in advertising.Product labeling and logos figure prominently in the imagery chosen by pop artists, like in the Campbell's Soup Cans labels, by Andy Warhol.

Andy #Warhol Pop art #packaging project. Design your own #soup label and wrap it on a real can. PD

Warhol Soup Cans (Art Projects for Kids)

Art Projects for Kids: Warhol Soup Cans- print and color 4 cans. name soup. put on toilet paper rolls and glue to paper to make Warhol

A extremely rare sketch of the 1962 famous Campbell's Soup Cans. An extremely rare sketch by Andy Warhol.

Andy Warhol is most famous for his pop art pieces and he is by far the most famous artist of this particular movement.

Andy Warhol Coloring Sheets | andy-warhol-latas-1.jpg

5 formas de acercar la obra de Andy Warhol a los niños.

Originally the most sought-after commercial artist in New York, Warhol (1923 – 1987) is most known for his multiple images of Campbell's Soup cans, Coke bottles, dollar bills and celebrities, which exalted the beauty within ordinary objects and familiar images.

Campbell's Soup Can, 1965 (Pink and Red)

Andy Warhol (1928 - 1987) fue el fundador del movimiento Pop Art, él era un artista plástico neoyorkino.

Campbell's Soup I, 1968

Campbell soup by Andy Warhol 1968 Created to show how icons such as these become art Pop art The theme is pop culture.

Andy Warhol Prints...Art and the images change!  Print out for an easy planning portion or as an intro.

empty campbell’s

Empty Andy Warhol Campbell's soup cans — kids can practice adding their own "curving" labels.