If you don't watch it already then you NEED to watch Brooklyn99.  Sidenote: Andy Samberg *heart eyes*.

"I had that conversation once with Lorne Michaels. He says the thing you’re known for will be in quotes in the middle of your name. He’s Lorne “SNL" Michaels, and I’m Andy "Dick in a Box" Samberg. If that’s how it goes down, that will be A-okay.

Decadent; Andy pours a glass of champagne into his bath as he poses for America's Glamour magazine

Andy Samberg insists men who call women unfunny are 'f***ing idiots'

'I find it disgusting and offensive': Ex SNL comedian Andy Samberg insists men who call women unfunny are 'f***ing idiots'

Hey, doesn’t Andy Samberg look great in glasses? Verrry sophisticated, sir!

Andy Samberg Short Wavy Hairstyle - Dark Brunette Hair Color

When was the last time you had a carrot

When was the last time you had a carrot?

Brooklyn 99 - One of the best shows of all time! This bit is TOO funny! He finally gets hake to eat some carrots !

Which Famous Nice Jewish Boy Should You Bring Home To Mom And Dad? You got: Andy Samberg “Mazel Tov!” - All the guests that will attend your wedding to Andy Samberg. What a joyous occasion!

What Famous Nice Jewish Boy Is Your Soulmate?

Please oh please let it be Andy Samberg! Damn, he lights my menorah.

Andy Samberg for Nylon Guys May 2015

Andy Samberg Barely Has Time To Eat

Why you'll love Brooklyn Nine-Nine if you love Parks and Recreation (and Andy Samberg)

How Parks and Recreation Brought Andy Samberg to His New Show

Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta probably one of my favorite TV characters. Brooklyn Nine Nine is GREAT!

Brooklyn 99 is my new favorite show

Smiling for the picture…

Today, Andy Samberg celebrates his birthday! | Andy Samberg Was Just Another Class Clown In High School

Andy Samberg's High School Yearbook Pics Prove He's Always Been A Funny Guy

"Awk-weird," Andy Samberg blurts out in a voice that's just a bit too loud. Kirsten Dunst, his Ray-Ban-wearing alleged former fling, has unexpectedly walked into Sant Ambroeus, the West Village bistro where Samberg and I are meeting. A little while later, he looks at me and says, ambivalently: "I pr...

to when we were shooting a clip and ASamburger lost his normal clothes (we hit them).