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Buttoned up collar and rolled up sleaves. You couldn't get more Scotty business look if you tried.

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Aphrodite || "I rip things apart to see what is inside. what are you made of? what pieces will tumble out? beware. in my hands you will find truth... but you may not like it." // jessica razis

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Today I am sharing the card in a box I made for Father's Day for the most amazing man I know. He's pretty special, and needed a pretty special card. I think I nailed it with this one! I pulled ou...

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Stacked Stone Wall Texture - Andrew Goldsworthy / Souls & Stones...................This would be nice to do in the garden,,.......after I remove myself from work and life.,,,,,,,,,,.this has got to be CRAZY HARD to do..Awsome,Love It.

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