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Grandma is high as f**k

Lol. Andres grandma was hilarious.

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Victorious , Tori Vega,Andre,Beck,cat,

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I just... wow. Photo of the three main guys (Robbie, Andre and Beck) from Victorious (great show) pulling stupid faces. But the comment, about Harry Potter. Just yes.

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subtly breaking the 4th wall

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Why we love Victorious ♥ now andre does not exist

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I don't know what show this is but this was funny!<<<it's victorious;)

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beck victorious funny - Google Search

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Victorious! Luv this show :) so funny lol Beck Andre Leon Thomas rofl

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Reality TV causes everyone to act a little crazy... Including the Victorious gang.

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Victorious was actually a really good show.

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