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Anderson cooper brother

Anderson Cooper cries over the grave of his brother Carter

A new documentary about Anderson Cooper and his mother Gloria Vanderbilt reveals previously unknown details about the famous pair and their relationship over the years.

Gloria Vanderbilt with her son, Anderson Cooper He doesn't have to work he chooses to and does an amazing job. He is a Vanderbilt Heir.


Anderson Cooper's Interactive Family Tree

Gloria Vanderbilt with her 2 youngest sons that she had with her 3rd husband Wyatt Cooper. A very young Anderson Cooper is on the left and his older brother the late Carter Cooper on the right.

Anderson Cooper Opens Up About His Experience With Women

Haha I love Anderson Cooper and his take on the girls that thought they were dating him lol


How Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt Coped After Carter Cooper’s Suicide

WATCH: How Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt Coped After the Suicide of Their Beloved Brother and Son, Carter Cooper