Ancient gold ring 500 BC Ancient Persian gold ring 500 BC. Royal 22KT solid gold ring with the garnet intaglio with standing king with a horse on his side.

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"An Morrígan is a goddess of battle and sovereignty, sometimes appearing in the form of raven or wolf. She is a triple goddess, a fierce aspect of the Great Mother, often serving as a guide to those moving through difficult transition. One who is protected by 'the Morrigan' is certain of victory." ~ Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

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The religion of the ancient Persians (Religion Spectacular) Zoroastrianism During the stability of the Persian empire, a prophet named Zoroaster developed a set of texts and teachings that would...

Ancient batteries; hard to believe ancient Persians knew something we take for granted now.

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Ancient Persian Susian Statue of Parthian Arsacid Princess. The hands are in a classic "Mudra" pose of deep meaning in Ancient India. The style is similar to Gandhara sculpture. These ancient nations shared a lot of cultural affinities and Gandhara art arose in the North West of India to rise in popularity and spread Eastwards.

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