Amber Heard - Liz Collins Photoshoot for Elle (2015)

poisonyvi: ““There is a common, puritanical way that we look at things where, if it involves sexuality, somehow the women must be compromised. It’s just chauvinistic to deny women their sexuality. It’s about empowering.

Amber Heard in white one-piece and a coated wool Ralph Lauren Collection jacket | July 2015

Amber Heard Is More Complicated Than You Think

Amber Heard for GQ Australia by Nino Muñoz

Amber Heard photographed by Nino Muñoz for the December 2017 issue of GQ Australia

amber heard makeup - Buscar con Google

Amber+Heard+-+Amber+mixes+and+matches+an+array+of+studs—ranging+from+simple+to+statement—on+the+lower+half+of+her+ear.+Teamed+with+a+cool+ponytail+and+sultry makeup,+the+look+is red-carpet+ready.