Here's My Animal Jam Bunny I Also Play Animal Jam Just Go To And Buddy Me My Username Is :)

Made this myself, if you want 1 let me Know In the comments, I need 3-4 things that you like and your user, ex: rottiesrock2212 I like Rottweilers, animal jam, candy and lps.

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animal jam glitches | Animal Jam Rapids ~by Trickertreee: Strange glitch!

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Hi guys 2calicos456 here here's a little advice to know if you are looking at the real Fman, look at achievements and see if it says one gift sent, had to be nonmember and name Awesome sunnybrave and have black fire pattern evil red eyes awhile cheeks tail chest and back paws and red front paws and red nose. ( they MIGHT have a different name) and if you see Fman and look at everything I said above log off then go back on a few minutes later... :) Bye guys - 2calicos456 ( no bad comments…

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Beta tiara

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