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AMNESIA: I think I shipped her with Shin and...what-his-face, the blond guy. I haven't seen it in a while, I forgot his name. :p


Amnesia, Ukyo, Ikki, Kent, Toma, Shin; this show kept me up and made me cry even though we never learned her name!!


Based on the anime alone, even though they're all gorgeous and Ken is probably the least good looking out of all of them, I think he would probably be my choice in which one to date... I mean, Ikki's got the freaky fan club, Toma would lock you in a cage to protect you, Shin... well after it turned out that it was actually his father who killed someone and not him, there's not really a reason not to date him, but Ken has this smart guy appeal and when he tries to be romantic, he's so cute