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Amish School Shooting

Two men read a newspaper with the headline "Death of Innocents" while standing at a roadblock near the scene of the shooting at the one-room Amish schoolhouse Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2006 in Nickel Mines, Pa. Officials said a milk truck driver identified as Charles Carl Roberts IV entered the schoolhouse, let the boys and adults go free, tied up the girls and shot them execution style before committing suicide. Five girls died.


7 Circle Rag Rug Im working on. This frame was made by an Amish man. I saw it on a visit to Ohio. It is bases on the pioneers who used wagon wheels as a frame to make rugs.


Mini Amish Man Cookie Cutter

Marcia Backstrom Amish Man Doll OOAK

A Maine Amish man exhibiting the clipped , but not shaved, moustache allowed by his community's Ordnung.


Details about 1850's Ambrotype of Amish Man in Tall Top Hat & Daughter in Gutta-Percha Case