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Onion Fritters | MyDailyMoment | Just too good to resist. A "Bloomin' Onion" sorta. A dab of sour cream or chutney-mmmmmm. maybe a few grains of cayenne in the batter would be just right.


Amish Apple Bread

Easy country recipes like Amish Apple Bread are a classic on the farm and on the dinner table. Made with only fresh ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry, this easy homemade bread recipe is great for breakfast or dessert.

Amish Friendship Bread Without Starter

Amish Friendship Bread Without A Starter, can't tell you how long I've been looking for this recipe!


Amish White Bread for the KitchenAid

Amish White Bread Written for the KitchenAid. I am starting my third batch this morning. Fantastic. AMH


Starters for Sourdough Bread and Amish Friendship Bread

Starters for Sourdough Bread and Amish Friendship Bread. I could not find the actual recipe for Sourdough Bread that used this particular starter, however.