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Billie Holiday’s glamorous, dramatic style enhanced the message of powerful music: she favored sweeping gowns and '40s-era floral prints...

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wolvensnothere: oreides: looktothenightxai: allegoryblack: thetoolazytothinkupacoolnameblog: aconstructofnothingness: monster—zero: atomic-yaj: salt4life: My native black American friend*, also going places i’d team up with him in the Hunger Games this whole video is wild… Oliver who!! Got damn that was so awesome video? Put him in with Clint n’ Kate I FOUND THE VIDEO Holy. Shit.

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Alice Walker: 'I feel dedicated to the whole of humanity'

Interview with Alice Walker: I feel dedicated to the whole of humanity The author on feminism, activism, The Colour Purple and still being estranged from her only daughter from The Guardian Read full article here:

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Maya Angelou doing a little reading in her dressing room before her…

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Suga's mixtape; you don't know how much I've cried while listening to it

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