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Wage Gap | Intersectional Feminism | America, your employee rights are seriously lacking. Legal to pay disabled people less? We have laws against that kind of shit in the UK.

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Here are the the most magical things JK Rowling has ever done

I want to say this is inspirational but while I sit/awkwardly balance here, barely able to put pressure on one hip/arse cheek and struggling to stay awake I think of all the pressure, anxiety and lies I have been put through only to be let down and denied help at every opportunity and I'm not sure this is what the country is anymore!!

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22 Weird Things About Britain That British People Don't Realize Are Weird
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Genius in colour: Why William Eggleston is the world’s greatest photographer

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32 Patriotic Names

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"If he wants me home, tell him I'd give in to the moon and stars before I come willingly." I snapped. He bared his teeth at me before turning tail and sprinting in the opposite direction.

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"There's no honorable way to kill, no gentle way to destroy. There is nothing good in war except its ending." ~ Abraham Lincoln...I so wished some people would pay attention to these wise words...!

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