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American Gothic (2016) you know within 5 seconds this gave me a "You're Next" vibe. I watched the first episode, but haven't wanted to go back...

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How Wednesday Addams Are You?

OK, to understand better why the Boss backed away like that, it helps to know that THIS is a picture of Little Hella. She was quite a snarky child, apparently- well, She had two older brothers, so you can imagine. Himself treasures all those memories but there are parts He'd rather not repeat. (And, yes, when They were adapting to modern American life, She really did ask if the cookies were "made with real Girl Scouts." She was an adult then but she'd heard stuff about the American…

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parody american gothic - simpsons

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Details about Popeye Cartoon Sailor Olive Oyl American Gothic Painting Pose Tee Shirt S-3XL

Popeye Cartoon Sailor Olive Oyl American Gothic Painting Pose Tee Shirt S-3XL

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'Tale of Three Brothers' by JadeJonesArt. Piece inspired by the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows.

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American Gothic (TV Series 1995–1996) - IMDb

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Dinosaurs - this was a live action show, with the dinosaurs playing out there lives like a normal family of the 90s.... the merchandising for it was limited over here in britain but you could get a toy of the baby one. (,2006)

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Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural - mix them all together and you get something very, very dangerous.

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Book Three: Eclipse. Bella Swan and Emmett Cullen. Love the wit Bella has. really enjoy the back and forth wit exchange b/w her and Emmett in the books. This is a good display of that wit in the movies

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Beetlejuice. This is the coolest thing ever. (For Mike, who dressed up as Beetlejuice once for Halloween!)

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