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For more than thirty years spanning the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Evelyn Jephson Cameron photographed the landscape, wildlife, and people of eastern Montana. Evelyn took thousands of photographs of her world; the rural life, badlands, and ranch characters of the real west.


Scots-Irish settling the American Frontier. "Whole families walked hundreds of miles, some of them using cows as pack animals. These were uncommonly tough people, used to hardship. They asked for nothing from the government or anyone else, and nothing is what they usually received." (fm the book, "Born Fighting" by Jim Webb) art by David Wright

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How Wednesday Addams Are You?

OK, to understand better why the Boss backed away like that, it helps to know that THIS is a picture of Little Hella. She was quite a snarky child, apparently- well, She had two older brothers, so you can imagine. Himself treasures all those memories but there are parts He'd rather not repeat. (And, yes, when They were adapting to modern American life, She really did ask if the cookies were "made with real Girl Scouts." She was an adult then but she'd heard stuff about the American…


An apex predator of the Great Green Sea, the Frontier Lion is known even in the distant lands of the Imperium. Said to stand taller than even the lions native to the center or the legends of the lost lands, these beasts are feared by all travelers seeking a trip to the Great Green.