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Junior is an American Bulldog x Mastiff and has the most wonderful temperament, so very kind and loves everyone and everything - his new family have totally fallen for him.

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Bobby is very muscular, sturdy and powerful, yet he has the compact frame of the American Bulldog. He has a typically large head with strong jaws. He is agile and light on his feet and has athletic ability and power. Like all American Bulldogs, he is loyal, reliable, brave and determined. Not a hostile dog. We have considerable experience in training bull breeds such as American Bulldogs as they need training particularly tailored to their characteristics and temperament.

American Bulldog - Temperament, History and Pictures | petMD | petMD

BRUTUS - URGENT - Fulton County Animal Services, Atlanta, GA - ADOPT OR FOSTER - 2 year old Neutered Male Am. Bulldog/Pointer Mix - Brutus can be strong willed and likes to be the leader when housed with other dogs. When outside, one on one, he is a big mush ball and soaks up any and all attention.

Taffy – 14 month old male American Bulldog dog for adoption at Mutts with Friends Dog Rescue Bristol

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