Tatanka... One of the few words i know in lakota. Thank you Dances with Wolves:)

This is the moment an angry one-and-a-half ton bison decided to assert its dominance by charging directly at a stunned photographer. Luckily for local photographer Marc Latremouille he was able to.

The Return of Summer by Tucker Smith Featuring Prairie Flowers#FlowerShop

The Return of Summer by Tucker Smith Featuring Prairie Flowers and Buffalo



Ability to become warm, by turning into a cuddly fur based animal or water based sea being with antifreeze in the blood.

American Buffalo: The Lakota tribes moved with the migration of these magnificent animals. The Bison was their food, shelter and clothing before it was hunted to extinction by white settlers.

excellent photo of a bison wickwareboisseau: Merry Christmas from Big Wonderful Wyoming!!:)))

ARTFINDER: In the Presence of Bison by Lena Owens - Print Epson 7890 Poster Printer, on Fujifilm Paper. Other sizes are: Contact me, if you want another size o.