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AWWWWW, Seb and Hiddleston look like teens found their dad's favortie chips and are like OH MY GOD I LOVE THESE CHIPS and Chris looks like the dissapointed dad that walks in the room to see his 2 sons eating his formerly secret stash of chips<OMIGOD!!

from The Huffington Post

Tom Hanks Gives Inspiring Speech About America's Resilience

He's truly America's dad.


Chris Hemsworth is a serial manchild adopter, he's already adopted Tom Hiddleston as an honorary Hemsworth, now he's adopted one of his own in Chris Evans. Chris Hemsworth FTW. Chris Hemsworth for Asgardian Dad of the Millennium.

from Vox

9 questions about Bill Cosby you were too embarrassed to ask

How did Bill Cosby go from America's Dad to an accused rapist?