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Don’t be alone.... My heart. Is busted. In. A million. Pieces.

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For Lovers of Sloths!

If you love sloths then you've found the right place. Step inside and take a look at all of our sloth content: information, pictures, facts and more!

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Remember that this is the Doctor who just lost everything. And look what it turned him into. Now, he's much worse. In fact, he's worse than everyone's aunt.

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A great list of our strengths and weaknesses in important areas of life. Although an important fact to remember is that a strength is often a weakness as well, and vice versa. #INFJ

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Disappeared: From Amelia Earhart to MH370 #infographic

Disappeared: From Amelia Earhart to MH370 #infographic

One year after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight the search continues. The history of aviation is littered with mysterious disappearances like that of Multiple planes have evaporated seemingly into thin air while flying

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