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Identity (2003)

Identity deserves to be better known. I got over my visceral dislike of john cusack to watch it, and didn't regret it. a juicy and unusual who-dunnit.

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Yes!!! This happened to me when I went to watch Civil War!! There was literally only me, my friends ("it's oveeeer why can't we leave??") and two other people left lol.

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Lmao. Im a heavy hitter. One punch and your out. I'm a woman but I sure dont hit like one. ; )......lmao

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AMC Theaters Movie Tickets - Qualifying non-profit organizations may receive movie passes to use as prizes for fundraisers, charity auctions, volunteer recognition, or incentives for clients, students, or participants. Donations cannot exceed more than 10 passes per organization, and only one donation may be made to an organization per calendar year.

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The Cornetto Trilogy! August 22nd @ AMC Theaters : Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz & The World's End

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