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Pure Baltic Amber Teething Necklace By Little Willard (Cognac) Little Willard

Baltic Amber: The Untapped Natural Remedy For Many Diseases


Why I use an Amber Teething Necklace (Amber 101)

This is pretty cool and natural! Way better than putting the chemical filled pain relieving gel in your baby's mouth!


LIL RAINBOW BABY Baltic Amber Teething Necklace, Teething Anklet, Baby Toddler Adult Amethyst Sodalite Quartz Yellow Jade Agate Carnelian


Our Top 10 Baby Teething Products

Here are our favorite baby teething products that helped us the most and offered the best relief for my babies.


Amber Teething Necklace: What is it? Does it Really Work?!? {giveaway}

What is an amber teething necklace? Do they really work? Here are my thoughts and experiences using one with my 18 month old son.

Amber Teething Necklace for Babies - Anti Inflammatory, Drooling and Teething Pain Reducing Natural Remedy - Polished Honey Certified Baltic Amber Beads -…

Amber Teething Necklace (Honey)

Teething can cause a whole lot of discomfort and there’s nothing worse than seeing your beloved children cranky, drooling and in pain. When snuggles and kisses don’t help anymore, many parents resort