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The Assistant - not a chapter:)

Entry for the Selection. (FC: Amber Heard) Name: Madeline Bents Age: 18 Caste: 5 Likes: painting and drawing animals and people, cooking, (fiction) books, Egyptian mythology, warm nights, starry nights,writing and singing songs, smiling. Dislikes: ignorance of principles, wearing "fancy" dresses, high heels, the selection, her sarcasm and witty comebacks, and fake people. Extra: She's an only child. She can speak Latin, German,and Manderin.


Amber Heard- atheist, lesbian, Rand lover, and GORGEOUS #VelvetSeduction @VSToysAndTreats Toys and Treats for Women Who Love Women


the legs of Amber Heard (Am. actress/model b. 1986 Apr22, 27 in 2013) (via SuicideBlonde.tumblr 12891050172)