I thought I was gonna be angry and invalidated but thank you friend it means a lot

I thought I was gonna be angry and invalidated but thank you friend it means a lot << I'm so happy you've discovered what it means to be asexual and that this pin exists.

I am not asexual myself but my sister is and I know how scared she is to come out so this is for her.

Whenever someone insults and invalidates your sexuality or implies that asexuality isn't real, just remember this dragon loves you and believes asexuality is completely valid. >> thank you asexuality dragon

aro/ace jokes. http://acejokes.tumblr.com/

K but what about the Pansexual are we like the forgotten house that nobody knows or are we with the bisexuals in ravenclaw? I mean I actually am a Gryffindor but I'm not straight in the slightest. so idk<<<ANOTHER GRYFFINDOR PANSEXUAL OMG.

I love the people who mad this positive (also as a christian, OP does NOT speak for all of us just getting that out there) (i mean im ace lol)

The only thing you need to know about the first ugly, homophobic post is that it postulates three islands for gay men, straight people, and lesbians. Skip if you like and read all the other posts for a wonderful dystopian revolution.

pinterest: silverflora

Dragons are beautiful majestic creatures.

Pretty good article on asexuality and the language attached to it.

Quick explanation of the language attached to asexuality, plus an interesting (but uncited? probably if I clicked through I could find the source) chart of romantic orientation of asexuals by percentage

lgbt, asexual, demisexual, asexualawarenessweek

lgbt, asexual, demisexual, asexualawarenessweek <<< Which is why I'm so confused. Am I simply asexual, or am I aro-ace?

Just a phase

I'm an asexual panromantic too and I needed this more than anything you'll ever know, in fact it's going in my supper special board and I'm saving it and making it my wallpaper

Ace or demi, as far as I can tell.

Ace/pan and proud but still slightly scared

And that also doesn't mean you don't like males,females or non binary people over one or the other because I like guys more but that doesn't mean I don't like females or non binary people we all have preferences

cant tell if im heterosexaual PANromantic or Heterosexual BIromatic? Either way im Heterosexual Polyamorous.

asexual problem. Yep, this; all the time.

Yep, this; all the time. - 3 Easy Techniques To Create Sexual Attraction…

I'm not asexual, but I have friends who are <<< I *am* ace and most of my friends are still confused

Nobody really knows that I'm asexual, I feel like it's too much hassle to explain all of this ^ because everyone I know thinks that asexual people all hate sex and wouldn't want a relationship -_- <--- My sympathies, friend.

I would so watch a show like this!!!

I'm asexual and I'm exactly like "Nothing". I'm super hyper and flirty, and everyone thinks I'm bisexual then I tell them I'm asexual and then they get it(after explaining what an asexual is).<<< omg I'm pansexual and I am like all!

If you don't experience sexual attraction to other people, you're ace.  That's it.  That's all there is to it.

If you don't experience sexual attraction to other people, you're ace. I think I'm asexual but.

Omg yes! The person I date will have to talk to me constantly about what I'm comfortable with because while I have some ideas and am open, having no sexual attraction does change things. Do not assume.

I'm asexual and I don't necessarily identify the same way most asexual do? Most (maybe not most, but all of them that I know) do not find anyone sexually appealing. I just do not get aroused or wish to take part in any kind of sexual interaction.