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I Do!! I Miss YOU!!! There's a part of my heart missing! No matter what I'm doing..what's going on around me..I'm aching to be with YOU!! I love being with YOU & it's so hard to be apart!! I wish YOU were in my arms..I need to feel YOU against me! I LOVE YOU!!!***


- JmStorm - I did this knowing I'd never felt love like this ever and while I was so happy it was always on my mind what if it doesn't work out... And a day later after a completely beautiful night of indescribable emotions, passions, and talks of marriage it was over without warning.... Worst day of my life and I've survived horrible things ... But this heartbreak is the only thing that's ever made me fear for my life.....


Short way of saying. I must say. Sheena I really do love you. You are truelly the greatest girl that I know. And ill always have u in my heart. And you always on my mind. And will always be my one and only. No matter what. Youll always be my best friend till the end

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There are no words i can say to tell you the love i have for you your always on my minde.. there is not a second i am not thinking of you the smile the brighten up my day that smile i did anything to see ..your many laughs that i ended up finding out of your truly the one i want to spend my life with .. i love you with all my heart


Honestly, there's a part of me that's always going to have feelings for you. And yes, I might move on, and try my best to be happy. But if I'm ever asked who I love, your name will always be the first one in my mind.