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Mathilda: leon, i think i’m falling in love with you. it’s the first time for me, you know? Léon: how do you know it’s love if you’ve never been in love before? Mathilda: cause i feel it. Léon: where? Mathilda: in my stomach. it’s all warm. i always had a knot there and now… it’s gone. Léon: mathilda, i’m glad you don’t have a stomachache anymore. i don’t think it means anything. x


fairy tail, when i saw what this meant i cried. It means no matter where you are if you see this it means im always with you even if i cant see you


For those who struggle with anti-pagan prejudices and stereotypes, Humanist Paganism might be a powerful educational tool. It can show that a pagan can be a sophisticated, cosmopolitan, and enlightened person, and that a pagan culture can be artistically vibrant, environmentally conscious, intellectually stimulating, and socially just. Brendan Myers


Really, merlin was the 'little brother' to the knights of the round table. It breaks my heart even more though, because it just means it was just that much harder for all of them in the last episode!


I always loved this part, but I ever realized he said, "May the best DWARF win." !!!! XD Now it has a whole new meaning for me!

from Writings of a Mrs

Two Wolves

Love this--very true! It depends on how we act is the one we are feeding. If we feed the 'Good' one , then we become good. But if we choose the bad one , therefore we become bad. So, it all depends on us... let's hope to make the right decisions in life.♡


Number profiles, for numerology. Numbers have always held occult and magical meaning, even since ancient times. In my opinion, numerology is always a staple beneficial to a practitioner of the magical arts.